Your Destiny Has Always Been In Your Mind. The Law of Mind

The Most High expresses himself through our positive action, as The Divine Love that is The Most High dwells inside of each and every one of us. That Divine Love is Your Subconscious Mind. Your Soul in Essence.

The Infinate Intelligence that created you, that knows every atom of your being, and posesses your complete memory from the moment of your conception, wants you have everything you want in this life. Thoughts are things. Your every conscious thought, positive and negative, is fed to Your Subconscious Mind.

Like seeds to the soil Your Subconscious Mind in turn manifests your reality, from what you fed it with your conscious thinking, both positively or negatively.

What you think consciously dictates to Your Subconscious Mind what it will manifest in Your reality. Your destiny has always been the product of your Mind.

Your Subconscious Mind cannot take a joke. It takes what you fed it literally as your beliefs, and acts on your conscious thoughts to manifest your reality as it is connected to the Infinate Intelligence that created the Universe and knows all.

Learn to program Your Subconscious Mind with Your conscious thinking, or The Mass Mind will do Your thinking for you.

Positive thinking manifest a positve reality. and vice vera.



All Praises to The Most High

UNO mural concept for Malcolm X Shabazz H.S. Newark N.J.